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What is Quick Row?

As a professional gardener I have always used a string line.

I have created the Quick Row string line to make planting and sowing rows of vegetables or bedding plants easier than ever.

Quick Row

No more finding a measuring stick or using your trowel or dibber as a rough measure.

The markings are colourfast on a braided cord that will resist wear and tear. I have made the Quick Row 6 metres (approx 20 feet) long ideal for allotment holders and most gardens.

Quick Row

Please note that Quick Row is either sold as a replacement line for your own stakes, or as a complete item with end pieces Order here

Quick Row

Quick Row

The Quick Row is graduated with coloured marks to create an easy to use spacing guide, placed 10cm (4 inches) apart so that seeds or seedlings can simply and accurately be placed any distance apart.

Each metre is marked in blue for wider plant spacings or as a rough measure, when calculating lawn area for instance. The Quick Row will do all a traditional string line will do with added benefits.

Quick Row

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